HTML5 / JavaScript web developer

I am a senior software engineer - a front-end developer and Node.js programmer, experienced in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and SVG.

I'm available for hire as a freelance web developer, working remotely from Portugal (ex- of Brighton, UK).

Please get in touch.

For larger productions, I coordinate specialist web development teams through Dharmafly.

My work

I specialise in JavaScript based web applications, data visualisations and human interfaces. Current technologies I'm using are Meteor and React.

For examples of my work, see Pablo - my JavaScript vector graphics library, Dharmafly's web apps for the BBC, Guardian, Science Museum and others, and my open source code at github/premasagar and /dharmafly.

Beyond programming, I initiate community and education events like Async, Lab for the Recently Possible and the Wild School.

About this website

This is a tiny web app. It uses semantic HTML5, JavaScript and a smattering of modern CSS and SVG.

The model is a 3D scan made by 3dify at the Brighton Digital Festival. It is animated using Three.js with WebGL or, when unavailable, HTML5 canvas.

The 3D model has been simplified with Blender and integrated into the page with a little viewer module. The app was developed using Browserify, Grunt and Git.


Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project or role, or to say hello.