JavaScript web software engineer

I am an experienced web developer — a software engineer and programmer for JavaScript and Node.js, front-end and back-end web development.

A native English speaker, originally from the UK, I live and work in Portugal. You can hire me.

For large productions, I curate and coordinate specialist web development teams through my company, Dharmafly.

My work

I specialise in JavaScript-based web applications, data visualisations and intuitive interfaces.

For samples of my work, see Pablo — a JavaScript vector graphics library, Dharmafly's web apps for the BBC, Guardian, Science Museum and many more, and my open-source code on github/premasagar and /dharmafly.

I initiate community and education hubs like Async, Lab for the Recently Possible and the Wild School.

About this website

Just semantic HTML, JavaScript with a smattering of CSS and SVG.

The model is a 3D scan made by 3dify, animated with Three.js.


Please get in touch to discuss your project, or a role that needs a safe pair of hands.